“Fluffer” came to us severely matted and semi-feral. She is still a loner but has blossomed.

HOME AT LAST, Inc. (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization*) is a No-Kill Animal  Refuge for dogs, cats and horses on the Big Island of HAWAII.  Most of our directors have rescued animals in their homes since we do not yet have a facility.  We are seeking a land donation of AG-zoned property anywhere in the Hilo area to establish our sanctuary.

DID YOU KNOW that CLOSE TO 1,000 (YES, 1,000!) animals are killed each month on this island alone?   There is no place to care for them and there are not enough families on the Big Island of Hawaii to take in the adoptable ones.

[NOTE: Only a small percent of these killings are actual euthanasias  -  “Euthanasia” is the humane putting down of an animal that no longer has any quality of life due to illness, injury or old age.]

Our vision is to provide a place where these unwanted, discarded, rejected, abused, neglected and special needs innocent creatures can live out their lives with love, dignity and security in an environment free of fear.

Although we are an independent entity, we work closely with other animal rescue groups for the ultimate benefit of all the animals.

* TIN #: 36-4587511

“Ernest” (45lbs.) day he arrived at Home At Last.
"Ernest” (85lbs.) Fully recovered
TO CONTACT US Home At Last, Inc. PHONE:  (808) 989-9089
  P. O. Box 601605  
  Kurtistown, HI   96760 EMAIL: halanimalrefuge@gmail.com
  WEBSITE: www.homeatlastanimalrefuge.org